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Default Re: Possible Health Value of Gold, Apart From Monetary Value

My opinion is that one has to be very careful and aware indeed when dealing with these issues, but, I do think there is truth in the specific exotic properties of monatomic platinum group metals.
I would cautiously agree, but keep in mind that alchemy has long been one of the blatant lies and subterfuges of Freemasonry/Gnosticism. Many of their rapt followers eventually learned with some dismay that the only alchemy they were actually dispensing was the conversion of spiritual gold back into dross.
If such knowledge does exist (and knowing what I have learned about archaeology revealing an ancient, antediluvian level of technology far superior to our own), it is only logical that the highest players in the Illuminati or Satanic councils would keep this from the public at all costs. This could even comprise their motivaton for making "precious" metals so difficult to obtain and attempting to hoard as much gold, siler, platinum, etc. as they possibly can -- to keep it out of the hands of us profane goyim whom they cannot control through their fraternal, Satanic ritualization.
If one takes these theories to the extreme, it is possible that the exotic properties of rare metals may be able to transcend the limitations between the physical and metaphysical worlds and even ultimately provide the key to achieving immortality. One more reason why the devil himself wouldn't want us eating the fruit from this tree any more than God...mankind isn't ready for this level of knowledge yet.
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