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Default Re: POLL: Which O.T.O. Body runs Clubconspiracy?

I have a theory, fra_nothing! What is the one thing that can send these goons packing? What is it that they fear the most? Is it regular attendance at church? Public rallies? Not those things by and of them themselves. What is the secret ingredient? Well, Jesus gave a lesson on mountain-moving. That's right. When a Christian is observed speaking or acting in faith to produce tangible results, that is what does it. If you can act in a living faith to give evidence of God's love and power on the earth, then you are also destroying Satan's hold on it as well.
And that is what the Luciferians need to know: you can escape anytime that you want to, with faith. Those people in the inner circles know about the many doors. They have all walked through a door that is not known to the masses, but when they looked back, the door slammed shut and locked tight, just like in the old horror movies. At that moment they became slaves. They live in a desparate, lonely, tormented world, but we know how they will escape if they want to.
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