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My father didn't love me
and my mother didn't care;
so I cowered in the corner
when I knew the time was near

when I heard their footsteps coming
I bunched myself into a ball
and with my head between my knees
I would roll into the wall

trapped I knew I was
as their voices followed me
so I truned into a bird
hoping flight would set me free

As I perched myself upon a lamp
very quiet on the shade
they searched the room with peering eyes
that just cut me like a blade

their fingers reached to flip the switch
and when the bulb turn on
it exploded very loudly
and in a second I was gone

I flew into the ceiling
and finding no safe place to land
I turned into a lamp
and on the table I would stand

We don't want to play this game
of cat and mouse with you
so just lie down upon your back
and in a minute we'll be through

It doesn't matter where you hide
there's no place you can go
the doors are locked behind you
and the neighbors
they all know

They'll lead you by the arm
and return you back to us
there's no place like your home
so please don't make a fuss

A hummingbird is what
I decided I would be
small and quite obscure
I would humm them to their knees

as they swatted at their ears
they thought a fly was buzzing through
so they slapped me to the ground
and their hands
they felt like glue

we can play this game all night
if that is your desire
or we'll just get some gasoline
and set your hair on fire

with those words I fell with force
upon our old, green rug
I dug my nails into the fiber
and turned into a bug

they took their foot
and squahsed me down
then they placed me in their hand

I spreaad my wings and took to flight
God had a biggter plan
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