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Default Re: POLL: How many Illuminati Trainers and Informers are active on

This is good internet. Quite informative for understanding the mind of a social architect. I love their dialectics and rhetorical 'bricks'.

TB is a fairly decent example of a linguistic Programmer for 'trigger' words - the art of the rhetorical sophist.

First of all he wants to frame your minds in the Program that I am a


I am entitled as the Archetypal


["raving lunatic"]

Now, after having dispensed with the Adversary, who hits on subjects a bit too close to home, he engages in 'crowd control' for all of you enlightened cows. He plays on your ego by saying,

[YOU have put off "decent", "intelligent" people]

Don't you love how he makes up your minds for you?

I don't really care what you people think of me. If you're a dumbass, I might just call you a dumbass.

Next, he tells you what you are supposed to want to talk about. The Programmer is giving you the preplanned 'topics of discussion'.

[who wish to discuss and learn about the day to day deeds that those in power play on the ordinary people.]

You're an average Illuminist TB. But I think you're a dork.
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