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Default Re: POLL: How many Illuminati Trainers and Informers are active on

fra_nothing wrote:
This is good internet. Quite informative for understanding the mind of a social architect. I love their dialectics and rhetorical 'bricks'.

TB is a fairly decent example of a linguistic Programmer for 'trigger' words - the art of the rhetorical sophist.

First of all he wants to frame your minds in the Program that I am a


This is obvious. No programming necessary!

I am entitled as the Archetypal


["raving lunatic"]

Again, obvious. No programming necessary!

Now, after having dispensed with the Adversary, who hits on subjects a bit too close to home, he engages in 'crowd control' for all of you enlightened cows. He plays on your ego by saying,

[YOU have put off "decent", "intelligent" people]

The crowd was never out of control. You are. One person does not make a crowd, but certainly an annoyance. He does not play on anyone's ego. We know we're intelligent and decent people.

Don't you love how he makes up your minds for you?

We all own our own minds.

I don't really care what you people think of me. If you're a dumbass, I might just call you a dumbass.

Next, he tells you what you are supposed to want to talk about. The Programmer is giving you the preplanned 'topics of discussion'.

Many of us here share the same interest in similar topics.

[who wish to discuss and learn about the day to day deeds that those in power play on the ordinary people.]

You're an average Illuminist TB. But I think you're a dork.
And, you are a FREAK! I think you need to leave the BLUE ROOM. You know, that place where they did and said bad things to you. I can help you. Take my hand.
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