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Default Re: Bye, Bye Old Dollar Standard

There isn't enough gold in the world to reflect the value of our economies, probably why Nixon had to get the US off the standard - just a thought.
That's exactly what Nixon was told by his Rockerfellerian advisors. Toward the end of his first term, he started to question what Kissinger & Co. were spoonfeeding him...hence the need for Watergate.
I believe that Nixon's wage/price freeze was the act of rebellion that sealed his fate. Perceiving what the banksters were up to (runaway inflation and an overheated economy, leading to Carter's stagflation), the Dickster cleverly called a "timeout". The mainstream economic reaction was unbridled outrage; Nixon had temporarily derailed the Illuminati's sabotage of the American economy, and they were vocally unhappy.
\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us. George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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