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Default Re: The New Orleans Police State

Blue Angel.. "On another note, there were many cases of reported rapes of very young teenagers (13/14), as stated by a social worker who was interviewed on television the other night... (( did anybody ask the social worker her name?) Nahh.. This is all spin.. MSM spin.. all, or most of it lies.)

Engineers studying the levee believe that the water didn't breach the 17th street, but that the force of the storm surge uprooted it from the bottom." (The water didn't go over the top of the levees at all was something else that flooded the city.)
I don't believe that there was anywhere near the bunch of raping and violence that was reported thru the MSM. I think it was mostly lies to get the American public to think that these citizens acted like animals.. And there for should be tossed out of New Orleans...

I think the Bush bunch was hoping that it would be a Cat. 4.. But is was only a Cat 3, so they blew the Dykes with bombs and also had a 300 foot barge let loose to pound the 17th St. levee into mush.. I want to know who owned the barge, and if it was a contributor the The Bush bunch.

I suspect that "creative destruction and reconstruction" of infrastructure is what feeds the "evil empire".. Unrestrained corporate dominance (backed by no bid contracts), into the maws of Halliburton and The Carlyle Group.. And also how to get rid of them blackies.. forever out of this prime area of real estate.. also it will create a precedence's for government troops and hired mercenaries to kill Americans defending their homes.. and also turn the area into Republican country.. suchs a deal.

This is The Third Way... Right in front of our noses and yet we do nothing but whine on some chat line.

It isn't only 2,000 children it is the 10,000 they say are hidden in the morgue.. Run by Bush supporters.
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