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Default Re: The New Orleans Police State

Well, fish, I think you're right about getting the blackies out of the prime real estate area.

It may be PRIME, but whomever purchases the land will most likely be paying below value now that the town has been leveled and is practically uninhabitable. One of the banks will lend millions to one of their croonies or more, like Trump. He'll buy up a good chunk and develop another Atlantic City or Las Vegas so they can suck us dry at the gambling tables, run drugs in and out of the ports and launder the money through the casinos.

I guess we'll wait and see how it plays out. Who will buy the land, who will develop it and what they will put there.

There is prime vacant real estate available and I'm sure they're all chomping at the bit.

And, yes, as usual, the contracts for clean-up are awarded through no-bid proposals.
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