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Default Indonesia announces missile and rocket co-operation with China

Oh no!!!! How unfortunate! The U.S accidently provided high tech seeker head and control technology which helped Chinese high tech and NOW the Indo's are gunna get it thereby creating an arms race in the region to which an economically booming Oz will have to buy more U.S weapons to match and have more U.S bases on it's soil and oh no. oh no, how unforseen.

Yes, i am being sarcastic.

Indonesia announces missile and rocket co-operation with China

By David C Isby

Indonesia has announced that it will be co-operating with China to acquire a capability for missiles and rockets with ranges of up to 150 km. The transfer of missile and rocket technology was announced in Jakarta by Indonesian defence minister Juwono Sudarsono on 5 August 2005, but forms part of the technology co-operation agreements signed between China and Indonesia in April.

This announcement followed the statement on 28 July by Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono that one of the major purposes of his recent trip to China had been to increase co-operation in defence technology, especially missiles and rockets.

Indonesia had announced the firing of nine indigenous rockets, built by its National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN), in west Java on 1 June 2005. These firings may have been related to the earlier statement that the Indonesia Navy would develop its own rockets and missiles in co-operation with LAPAN.

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