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**I like to reward video game makers if they have produced a tight production and I will buy.**

Same here. I'd be lying if I said I didn't own hundereds of games that i actually paid for, as well as many classic DVDs.

**Of course they wont be sitting idly by. Gateswith his new "Longhorn" version of Windows (now what is with that name?) will make it virtually impossible to violate copyright...assuming some 12 year old in Norway does'nt crack it in 5-10 minutes of it being released. Point is, %70-%80 of the computer market will be covered anyway leaving only the hard core copiers such as ourselves who can be bothered.**

Tell me more about this security feature of windows.

And I might add, my best friend is a pretty hard core programmer. His philosophy concerning computers became his motto for questionable internet activities, which is "There's always a weakness, there's always a way around."

You see, the thing that's great about computers is that they are never 100% secure. Everything can be cracked.

***However, they have this covered as well because as the crackdown continues they intend to tie in "Criminal Confiscation Laws" with "Anti-terror laws" and consider copyright violation as terrorism and then simply take your house and contents.***

Now, that is one thing that is disconcerning. You know, with the patriot acts, any controlled substance is considered a weapon of mass destruction. That can mean a single joint. And any one caught with a weapon of mass destruction can be secretly kidnapped and executed. It's scary, but it's true. And the american public are too concerned with war in other countires to realize what's happening at home. I could see them deciding that copyrighted material is a controlled "substance".

**This will be enough to scare most into submission.**

year, fear is the name of the game these days. The thing is, fear only controls the stupid. As individuals, man is brilliant. En Masse, humans are stupid.

You see, part of the game is making the crap available to the people who buy crap. I reccommed you take all that garbage music you have, and stick it up on a file sharing network. We might as well be screwing over the people who make the crap.
When the people fight against the elite, it\'s an act of terror.
When the elite terrorizes the people, it\'s called justice.
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