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I disagree that doctors should be paid the most...unless it's on success.

I think that teachers should be paid the most (once again on success), as without the foundation that they provide, not much else is possible. Given their shit pay, and low entry requirements, my Mum (about to retire) has seen 6 years olds correcting new teachers on spelling (and be correct).

Pirating is funny.

The Genres of music that I like isn't mainstream, and there's a lot of crap out there.

Typically, I pay a 20% plus premium, and have to buy off the catalogue, not the shelf.

To be able to download a sample, before I order has been great, and lead to many more CD sales than I would otherwise buy.

Also, once discovering a band, then you want their back-issues. Most long forgotten, and not manufactured widely. They will make nothing on them, as they won't produce them.

Fixed price, a returns policy, and compulsory production of old stuff, and I'd support downloading bans.
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