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Default Re: Origional Songs Against The NWO

Thanks for the bump madkhao.. What we need is poems that rhyme some kinda way.. and me and other musicians with the ability to record digitally, will make rough cuts of them.. and put MP3 links to them on this thread .. Hey.. You music guys out there.. Lets keep the files less than 1.5 megs..O.K.?

Thanks again madkhao.. Write a poem about a day in your life.. When I get my laptop back from my daughter..(the sound card on my home machine crapped out) I'll put a melody and music in back of it... You other creative guys could do the same.... We might end up with 6 different versions of the same lyrics.. We can work together, and come up with something greater than any of us could do as individuals..

The way to defeat the NWO is thru the media.. internet media is fine.

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