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Default Re: David Irving (The Alledged Holocaust Denier) Speaks On Several Subjects. An Interesting read...

Note this quote!

It had become plain that the American Government was intent on dismantling the British world position and Empire; that the Americans were deeply suspicious of British intentions in the Eastern Mediterranean, and that the Americans had their own agenda for the Middle East oil countries.

There were other important bones of contention between London and Washington -- for instance the future of civil aviation after the war. The Americans had deliberately developed a lead in the wartime production of heavy transport planes with the intention of dominating the world air routes in peacetime (in 1936 President Franklin D Roosevelt had even sent US Marines to seize a British Empire island in the Pacific, Canton Island, to make it available for a Pan American Airways airbase; the secret British files on that most embarrassing episode remained closed in the archives until only a few years ago). In European affairs, the Americans disliked the willingness of the British Government to abandon eastern Europe to Stalin.
But I thought Churchill was a RABID anti-Communist? Oh dear...

And hav'nt the Poms paid back the Yanks for dismantling their Empire. I note the Poms economy is booming. In America, things are not going so well.
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