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Default Re: Happy "Indigenous Peoples Day"

I think there needs to be acknowledgement that when you live on the land like the Australian Aborigines did for up to 120,000 years you form an attachment to it.

You are indeed at times a savage and sometimes a noble one as early Australian explorers found out as their lives were saved by local natives.

If we cant acknowledge the pain and suffering of losing your culture and way of life. Of having your tribe killed in front of you, men, women and children...we had better not complain when it happens to us one day.

There needs to be a DEEP acknowledgment of this in Australia...and then the "coons" can stop using the past as an excuse to beat and rape their women and children, steal cars and kill innocent people in them, beat and rape Grannies for money for "Speed" and generally make total dickheads of themselves in public...and ALWAYS blame "the system" and how hard done by they are.

The past is the past...and ya cant keep blaming it for disgusting behaviour forever. Particularly in "The Lucky Country" where Aboriginal services have been SQUANDERED for umpteen years to God knows where.
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