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Default Re: David Irving (The Alledged Holocaust Denier) Speaks On Several Subjects. An Interesting read...

TB, this is absolutely THE BEST POST I've had the priveledge of reading in quite a long time. David Irving is one of my heroes.

It is more accurate to judge a man by his enemies rather than his friends.

Articles like this one are in short supply on even the most outspoken forums, so for those of you who seek truth, no matter how unpopular, I recommend you visit the Institute For Historical Review (IHR). They have withstood firebombing and the test of time; their enemies are our enemies, those who love the lies and profit from them.

I will leave it to others to comment on the myriad of good "talking points" made in the article - each one deserves it's own thread.

Bear in mind, articles like this one are targeted by the new ADL "hate crimes" legislation. The world will be a far "darker" place when those who love the light are forbidden to carry it into the hidden areas of history, which is always written by the victors to civilizations detriment.
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