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Default Re: The Silence Was Deafening

Stan then went on to explain that there is a difference between education and schooling, with education being a continual process that originates from questioning. Schooling, on the other hand, gives the tools by which we ask and find answers to the questions which spring from a mind which seeks knowledge.

As TB's article on David Irving and (I hope) this one reflect, we have an abundance of people who are "schooled" but sadly uneducated. They are like herd animals who follow blindly and will never lift their eyes above the rear end of the next in line.

"If you're not leading the pack, the view never changes" is one of my favorite quotes and is a constant reminder to me to keep seeking and avoid that which is spoon-fed with general overall approval.

Everything that is going on today had a precursor; the Illuminate did not begin with Adam Weishaupt or even several centuries before him. It has it's roots in those who first inhabited the earth who are now lost in the mists of pre-history. Same holds true for many of the other ills that plague us today.

The very roots of the war between "darkness and light," "good and evil" are back there. The roots of our religions, gods, sons of gods, etc. - back there. Even the answer to why gold is held in such high esteem today, there is an answer.

For those of us who have our schooling, it behoves us to keep getting educated.
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