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Default Re: Marxism

Thochancep:What are you on about? If governments have gone wild it is because they are neo Corporatist kind of like Mussolinis Italy or Nazi Germany not because they are socialist. Corporatism has more to do with capitalism and especially Fascism than it does with Socialism.Just look into it for yourself instead of attacking me due to your own limted understanding frustrated ignorance!.
Ozzie you are fighting about a useless issue here
Its like asking a cop to be tasered when you could have had the mase.
No government institution works, no model , mode or idea can make any sense.
Its a pointless stupid issue that makes no sense.
How would you like to be controlled today?
What amount of tax is acceptable to you?

Its all about the mass of populations and not the few who try to control them.

2004 election , Bush vs. Kerry , proves we are in a technocracy anyways.
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