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Default Re: Where's the ADL When You Need Them?

Don't you find it a bit disingenuous of the jew to indulge freely in those things which they condemn so loudly in others?

It is called desecration if goyim skinheads do to synagogs what they did to these synagogs.

Hitler and all Germans stand accused of genocide for doing less than what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. (If you take exception to this statement, you are probably schooled and not educated.)

The jews demand their own country but no white goyim are allowed to even preserve their own way of life, much less have a country all their own.

The most blatant "Supremists" are jews, they equate themselves with God, not just his "choosen".

We ante up tens of BILLIONS of dollars to that little litter box in the middle ease and they stab us in the back for thanks.

I, for one, would like to see all "first world" countries wash their hands of this traitorous, lying, deceitful cabal of murderous bastards. If they are the favorite of God, let him take care of them.
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