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Default Re: An open letter to Fra_nothing, and a poll of sorts

He is insane. He alledges access to guns. He has intimidated people into genuine fear.

There is a big difference between that and someone like me going off the handle and most of the time apolagising.

This man does not speak. He is clinically insane and there would be no loss of freedom with his banning.

I repeat, the man is clinically insane and one would hope will be recieving a visit from a government department.

He and his friends have hinted HEAVILY at direct action at the "Illuminati" etc...which does nothing for this site but make it a target for the future of REAL police state crackdown.

I have grave doubts to their authenticity. CC has received some direct attention all of a sudden. Liberty Forum has been under attack by moderators trying to eliminate ALL writing's on "Jews". A former Oz forum "Inside Politics" has virtually DISSAPEARED and posters do not have a CLUE where it's gone. The ADL is active as never before.

We should have this fucker and all his ilk removed and give "them" no excuse.

People who would otherwise post here simply leave when they see a complete lunatics like Rat Boys posts.

He is not here to debate. He is here to disrupt. There is no freedom of speech to take away.
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