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Insight wrote:
To Spectre: The seal of the United States and the symbols on the dollar bill are pretty much where most peopel start when they begin to study the Masons and the global elite. *chuckles* I doubt you'll find many people here who are not framiliar with it.
Thanks for the information. To clarify, I did not post the image without knowledge of it's meaning. It may very well be where most begin, but accept one thing...

Is the first time you've seen both overlayed in this fashion? I get the feeling noone here would admit this to be the case given the level of ego here. The real truth is that we're all wrong.

The purpose of this thread (note lack of words - photo only) is now lost.

While not opposed to it, I am not here seeking answers to any questions. I am merely guaging reaction and patiently waiting, as I've done, and as I will continue to do.

Thanks again to those who took the time to speak up.

Peace be with you.
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