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Default Bush warns of 'radical Islamic empire'

Looks like the administration is trying to earn points... but where is the evidence?

Oh that's right... we can't have the details to follow the article as it could pose a threat to our national security and yet, the borders remain open.

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Bush warns of 'radical Islamic empire' - He says 10 terrorist attacks have been foiled since 9/11
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Washington -- President Bush delivered a vigorous defense of the war in Iraq on Thursday, framing it as part of an expansive effort to prevent terrorists from establishing a "radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia.''

To highlight the urgency of what he called "this mortal danger to all humanity,'' Bush said the United States and its partners have disrupted at least 10 terrorist attacks, including three al Qaeda plots to attack on U.S. soil, since Sept. 11, 2001. One of the plots in mid-2002 involved hijacked airplanes and targets on the West Coast, according to a list distributed by the White House late in the day.

Bush rejected calls for a speedy withdrawal from Iraq, using language reminiscent of speeches made during last year's presidential campaign. He called the broader struggle against terrorism "the great challenge of our new century'' and compared it to previous battles against Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot.


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