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Default Re: An open letter to Fra_nothing, and a poll of sorts

And do you think i care if you believe or not! God says "There shall be no compulsion in religion", "Whoever wants to believe let him believe, and whoever wants to disbelieve let him disbelieve". You are the one who will have to face the consequences of his decisions, i am not a guardian over you.

Can't you understand my point at all! Satan's trick is to make fall in steryotyping people, "this is a freemason, kill it!"

Millions died because of this kind of steryotyping, if you have a bad experience with a freemason, does it give you the right to slander Yeoshua and label him like that!

I hope you understand my point, i hope it's not too late for you.

P.S: You also use the same "generalizing method" when you attack the prophecy i deliver, have you even bothered to check the proof! how could you condemn something without knowledge!!.Anyway the prophecy is from God and not from me, i have no power to convince you, i just deliver. It is the truth from your Lord.
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