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If the majority in here are familiar with the two as one (the image), then I apologize for wasting any of your time. There is only ONE website that I am aware of that displays this image or mentions it. I have examined our currency to the point of making some of my own discoveries. I have spent a number of years studying "symbology" and no longer see things as most normally would. I find myself counting and literally "reading a story" on signs and logos and emblems all over the world.

I feel a great sense of hesitancy in discussing these matters as I do not desire to blindly lead the blind. It is one thing to "see" and another entirely to "realize". To realize the truth, one must be seeking it. Our erratic and random displays of "truth" may only be realized by those who continue to look and wait for them. For these reasons, I find dropping this image (it's the one that hit me the most as it altered my life with certain "realizations") for example, without any further guidance from me (or anyone) is the best and safest approach.

I just want people to see their Great Seal in a different light. This way, people are free to draw their own conclusions - or turn their heads.

What brought me here and how deep down the rabbit hole I have gone would prove a difficult challenge to appropriately convey. I would be laughed out of here. After sifting through the many pages of text hosted at this site, I have come to the unfortunate realization that the one thing we all seem to have in common is that we are all right in our own minds... free to scrutinize... failing to help eachother in the end. There is much anger. I understand the emotion but the lack of control over some of these posts is unjustifiable.

We are all blind leading the blind and will remain so for as long as we breathe. The truth, in it's purest form, cannot be obtained here. The truth, while constant, is only realized in a moment, instantaneously, and without words to guide.

It could be argued that one who genuinely possesses "the truth" would find this communication a meaningless waste precious earth time.

Now, who claims to hold "the truth"?
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