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Default Re: Woohoo...the new virgin Katie

Katie holmes isn't a virgin.

Many years ago, I stumbled upon a site where this guy was supposedly offering advanced techniques of how to get women into bed with you, and how to "do any women you wanted". His techniques invlives lying, putting on a fascade, and a whole bunch of other crap. It was all very elaborate, and may very well have worked. However, the whole basis of his newfound mastery of the opposite sex was the fact that he, a normal, ordinary guy, had sex with none other than the then star of Dawson's Creek, Katie Holmes. Infact, I even remember reading a few "reviews" of this guys site which stated that the guy who made the site was a pompous ass who thinks he was so great just because he had sex with Katie Holmes. Now, this was all very matter of factual, and as I said was some years ago.

I wish I had links, but this was about two computers ago. Like I said, awhile ago.

In any case, at the time, this didn't seem out of the ordinary. After all, it isn't like stars never have sex with regular people. But when I came upon this thread, I read now that Katie is supposedly a virgin? Immediately this whole past experince with this website came to mind.

Now folks, I know what I read in the past. I am 100% convinced that Katie Homes is lying about her virginity. There's no doubt in my mind. Why she is lying about it now is beyond me. But damn, this whole thing has weirded me out. I hope I'm not the only person out there who read that website.
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