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Default Re: An open letter to Fra_nothing, and a poll of sorts

peace fra,

I haven't been following this forum closely, so i appologize for not having read many of your posts, but i read a few, it seems that you have a cause that you chose to fight for which i respect, some people here can not understand you..which i don't think is enough reason to banish you!

If you have used abusive language or personality attacks, that's something i don't know and i am strictly against.

You say something sensible here, something that i have always said (there is even an old thread about it), if people use other than their TRUE names, they are letting their Jinn companion use them, it seems like a trivial matter, but it is very important.

I urge everybody to use his real name, and uphold his real personality, otherwise you are more dead than alive.

Ahmad Nishitoba
God\'s alternative, USN

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