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Default Re: An open letter to Fra_nothing, and a poll of sorts

Insight wrote:

then by definition you have an alter***

Maybe by your definition, bub. But I think I speak for everyone on this website when WE consider an "alter" being a second screen name one posts with, and pretends is someone other than one's self.

Surely you can do better than this...

***and by definition....

you have a mental disorder***

Do you listen to yourself? No doctor would ever consider someone who doesn't use their real name on the internet as mentaly handicapped. What percentile of the populous do you think uses their real name for their internet screen name?

***and are just as crazy as I am.

But in fact you are far worse.

Because you're a lying hypocrite...

who doesn't even realize that you're nuts.***

Keep talking. It'll allow me to discount you even more. It's really not hard when you can't even follow a straight line of logic through more than one sentence. Who are you trying to convince with all of this. Us, or yourself? Like I said before, don't underestimate people in forums like this. We might just very well be much, much smarter than you.
The more you talk, the more you entrap yourself.

I speak in the pure psycho-legal sense of the term: "Another side of oneself; a second self."

The very act of creating an 'imaginary' screenname to represent one's online presence is the very act of 'creating another self'.

Having thus split the personality in twain, you thus have an alter-ego. And moreover, you have the beginning of schitzophrenia.

I'm far better, however, because I fully realize that I am legally insane. In fact, I kind of enjoy it.

It's not really the question of 'do I have alter-egos?', no, with me the question is, How can I use my imaginary friends? How can I turn myselves into a focussed and disciplined military organization?
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