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Default Re: An open letter to Fra_nothing, and a poll of sorts

To ahmad:

I notice you have yet to deny that you and Fra are the same person. Well, here's your chance. In any case, you seem comfortable with revealing your true identity online, so why don't you give us a little more information. Your full name is supposedly Ahmad Nishitoba. Tell me your address and phone number too. Do realize how foolish it is to give out personal information over the internet? Do you understand how unsecure this technology is? How rampant identify theft is? I have never used my real name on a forum. Why? Is it because I am letting a Jinn control me? No, it's because I don't need any more telemarketing phone calls, spam, or junk mail than I already get. Plus, I don't want someone to look up my name and make harassing phone calls. Nor do I need some one trying to get personal information about me which could infringe on my privacy. It's just common sense really.

To Fra_nothing:

***The more you talk, the more you entrap yourself.***

That's called turn around my friend. While it may be fair game, it's really an extremely simple and common tactic used by people who's defense is beginning to fall apart. Did everybody seem the video of the new orleans cop who was caught looting in wal-mart? What did she do when she was confronted? She immediately accused the news man of being a looter, and claimed she her self was there to "watch out for looters".

***The very act of creating an 'imaginary' screenname to represent one's online presence is the very act of 'creating another self'.***

Strangely enough, I agree with you on this one. It's completely true. This is the freedom being social and anonymous gives people, which is one of the big draws of internet chat rooms and online games. You can become what you have always wanted to be. Plus, you can harass people, and never get any repercussions.

***Having thus split the personality in twain, you thus have an alter-ego. And moreover, you have the beginning of schitzophrenia.***

This, however, I disagree with. Shcizophrenia is not about multiple personalities, contrary to popular opinion. I should know, as my best friend is a schizophrenic. The whord literally means "split mind", which is where alot of the misconcpetion comes from. Having a split mind means there is a loss of connection between different pints of reference, and thus emotional and social breakdown occur. This, however, is a completely different disorder that having multiple personalities, which most commonly arises from early child hood abuse and repressed trauma. Shcizophrenia is genetic.

However, there is nothing wrong with fantasy, as long as it doesn't take the place of reality. Dressing up for a costume party, or playing a role playing game, and completely innocent and fun past times, and do not point to any sort of emotional disorder.

The real trick to mastering the social fabric of any online forum, or live chat, is to be comppetely confortable with the person you actually are, and traslate that through your anonymous screen name. I for one feel able to "win" any sort of chat room argument with a few simple techniques, because contrary to most who curse people out and fight online, I am not trying to compensate for anything lacking in my life, such as confidence. Really, the trick to defeating a live chat bully is humor, and intellegent humor. You counter his swearing insults with comedic banter. It makes you appear in control, plus, it amuses the other people in the chat room. This eventually causes the room to be on "your side" regarding the matter, and takes away the power from the bully. Recently, I have experimented trying these techniques in voice chats, the process of which I found incredibly fascinating. But I'm getting a little off topic here. We can perhaps discuss the dynamics of socializing online in another thread. If no one else starts it, I will.

***I'm far better, however, because I fully realize that I am legally insane. In fact, I kind of enjoy it.***

First off, what medications do you take, what have you been diagnosed with, and what sort of doctors have you seen? Being "legally insane" is a very technical term.

But I assume you like this idea because it makes you feel like an individual. Like you have something that other people do not. And that in turn makes you feel powerful, so you embrace any trace of "insanity" you can detect, and feel free to flaunt, and almost brag about it.

Now sir, I myself have had a bout with a mental disorder, and have been prescribed seroquel and paxil to balance myself out. In very high doses mind you. In a way, I used to feel as you did. However, I didn't go around flaunting it like you do. I did, however, for a time feel superior. Gifted. Special. This, of course, eventually came into perpective. I don't go around telling people I take anti-psychotics for an undiagnosed axiety disorder, because I want to avoid the very thing you have fallen into: dellusions of self grandeur. In anycase, I haven't suffered any symptoms of anciety for many years, and am working to get off the addictive properties of these medications. (Drug companies are evil).

***It's not really the question of 'do I have alter-egos?', no, with me the question is, How can I use my imaginary friends? How can I turn myselves into a focussed and disciplined military organization?***

You act as if this is some sort of special technique you yourself have mastered, and as if no one has thought about the very same priciples you seem to indicate. On the contrary, you be amazed at how many people secretly feel they have a mental condition, or that they are "specially gifted" in some way, or that by embracing what most people regect, and regecting what most people e,brace, you rise above the general populous. Which I suppose it true to a cvertain extent. However, rise is the wrong term. Differentiate is a better term.

Can I ask you, are you a scientologist?

Also, the notion that people with mental disorders are simply misunderstood really stems from a movement in the 70's. Now, I will not argue that mental disorders are caused by spiritual forces. I will, however, say that a mental disease is a very real thing.

Now, nobody out there is spiritually clean. We all have sin in our lives. But alot of very righteous men and women are toremented by demons. Something that the general public would refer to as a mental disorder. Individual spiritual cleanliness isn't so much realted to mental disorders as humankind's spiritual cleanliness as a whole. "The sins of the fathers shall become the sins of the sons". The scriptures do not indicate any point at which a generational curse ceases to be in effect. Unless it is broken by the power of Jesus Christ.

You do understand, though, that alot of psychology is done by very average peopel who simply want to better understand how the human brain works. Like any science, it has been manipulated, twisted, and polluted, and perhaps mainly for the benefit of the global elite. But that fact cannot discount the acceptance of some basic foundations of psychology. It probably is important not to subscribe to any one school of thought. But there are many sound and logical "modern" psychological foundations which are beneficial to study.

Though, I believe I understand where you appear to becoming from. And I think I myself "reject modern psychology" in similiar ways that you do.

In short, what I have demonstrated clearly is that not only can We defeat you inside of your own slave-box, but that We did not even exist in your box to begin with.

***It isn't safe to disturb the 0 sub-set. 0 has a bad habit of jumping around from universe to universe, from the second dimension to the tenth.***

Now, this is really just something that people who are sort of new to the whole hidden knowledge thing do. They use alot of curious sounding terms, that don't really mean much of anything, and are intended to indicate deep knowledge of the speaker because most people don't understand them, and therefore suspect there must be something more to them then meets the eye. I speak from experience on this one. And if I could go back in time, I would punch myself in the face. I suspect it's a phase you are going though. And one which will probably tone down as you learn more about what you think you know so much about.

It's fun to throw around the terms like "Holy Roman Empire, Zero subset, Ceasars Sentry, and all of that, ecspecially when you have been first exposed to these things. It's kind of like being reborn, and regrowing up. When your a teenager, you honestly think you have it all figured out. But in a few years, you realize what an ass you made of yourself. But at the time, you genuinely believe you are on top of things. It's the same way when you are "reborn" so to speak. You go through the same phases.

It's idealistic to say bi-polar doesn't exist if you don't know anybody who suffers from it. Though I think you mean that "bi-polar is actually a spiritual disorder", which I agree with. But that doesn't make it any less detremental to someone who suffers from it.

In anycase, there's alot to be discussed, I can see.
When the people fight against the elite, it\'s an act of terror.
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