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Default Re: An open letter to Fra_nothing, and a poll of sorts

Insight said:

I notice you have yet to deny that you and Fra are the same person.
Do you realize that you will be held accountable for this accusation on the judgment day!. You accuse me of being a liar, may i ask you what proof do you have?

Tell me your address and phone number too. Do realize how foolish it is to give out personal information over the internet?
As for me i have nothing to hide, actually with little effort i assure you that you will find this information on the web.

Do you think those in power wouldn't find you if they want? i think it is too late even to get scared!

I have never used my real name on a forum. Why? Is it because I am letting a Jinn control me? No, it's because I don't need any more telemarketing phone calls, spam, or junk mail than I already get. Plus, I don't want someone to look up my name and make harassing phone calls.
Actually this is exactly what Satan wants from us, "to seize to exist".

Nor do I need some one trying to get personal information about me which could infringe on my privacy. It's just common sense really.
Well who said common sense is always right!. remember that we are talking about your name (at least your first true name) here, if i ask you about your name am i infringing on your privacy?!

You can become what you have always wanted to be. Plus, you can harass people, and never get any repercussions.
This is the whole point, you wear a mask that allows the Jinn companion to take over, how irresponsible, how sick it is!

I should know, as my best friend is a schizophrenic. The whord literally means "split mind", which is where alot of the misconcpetion comes from. Having a split mind means there is a loss of connection between different pints of reference, and thus emotional and social breakdown occur.
Then you have a good chance to notice the Jinn's take-over in play. The multiple personalities are just a manifestation of this other entity taking over control of the body and mind, we shouldn't blame the Jinn-beings though because they can take over only if we allowed them to. Schizofrenia as you describe it still points to this take-over, because the body is designed to be controlled by the human-being, he is to lead his Jinn companion, if this companion is a demon, he will not stop untill he takes over, and when that happens the balance, the harmony between the physical body and the spiritual one is distorted, which causes all the disease, mental disorders, "loss of connection between different pints of reference" that we see.

However, there is nothing wrong with fantasy, as long as it doesn't take the place of reality. Dressing up for a costume party, or playing a role playing game, and completely innocent and fun past times, and do not point to any sort of emotional disorder.
well, there is a fine line here between having fun, and being totally consumed in another personality, you will notice that the jinn-take over phenomena mostly take place among the actors because of their being accustomed to change their personalities. We should be very carefull in that area, isn't having fun in your real personality better! the questions are "why should i change my personality? who wants me to change my personality? what do i lose when i change my personality? " the answer is simple, it is personality theft, ironically the victim is totally accomplice!

I did, however, for a time feel superior. Gifted. Special. This, of course, eventually came into perpective.
Now sir, this is the most clear indication of the Jinn-take-over, Satan was the first to say "I am better than he(Adam)", and the Jinns are his descendants.

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[7:12] He said, "What prevented you from prostrating when I ordered you?" He said, "I am better than he; You created me from fire, and created him from mud."

Ahmad Nishitoba
God\'s alternative, USN

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