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Default Re: An open letter to Fra_nothing, and a poll of sorts

truebeliever wrote:

From what you have said and what you're friends have said, i have NO doubt you will be getting a visit from the relevant mental health authorities combined with the Department of Homeland Security.

YOU are just the person they are keen to see locked up and medicated...because you are actually dangerous.

I had the most joyus fun watching cocky bipolar people get their just deserts as they were thrown in jail...why? Because like you, they used "mental illness" as an excuse to behave like Peter Pan and like a 2 year old do as they and secure in their knowledge of being "mentally ill". When they were simply sent to maximum security remand centers i laughed my head off as sudden "normality" set in. But to late, they came back a little less "mad".

There are "real" people who have mental illness's. They actively seek out medication and alternative therapies to regain a sense of balance. They are the people I used to love to help.

You are simply a drugged up little "tweaker" who loves his Amphetamine. You love getting high and running amock dont you? Do you work? NO...coz you deal drugs to support yourself dont you? All the while professing to be a "good Christian".

If you think people ar'nt monitoring these forums EXACTLY for people like you and La Domino who I warned via are kidding yourself. It will not be the "Illuminati" who visits will simply be people doing a public service and removing an idiot from society till he either buckles under medication administered via I.M monthly Depot injection or seeks out therapy.

Either way...the desire for the "high" of the bipolar person is a defence from the terror, the void, of complete loneliness.

And that is what you fear the most and you will either be dead or completely insane and walking with your arms hanging by your side with drool spilling down their front.

Either that or you will be aquainted with L.A's psuedo psychiatric facility the L.A County Jail...make you bend over and grab you're ankles boy. Enjoy.
Do you really believe what you are saying here?

<<<If you think people ar'nt monitoring these forums EXACTLY for people like you and La Domino who I warned via are kidding yourself.>>>
A little paranoid?

Have you any idea how uncomfortable this place is?
You criticized the hell out of him but failed to explain his errors. If you are so certain of yourself... use this knowledge constructively.

"You are not alone" holds new meaning for me now.
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