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Default Re: An open letter to Fra_nothing, and a poll of sorts

Do you really believe what you are saying here?

<<<If you think people ar'nt monitoring these forums EXACTLY for people like you and La Domino who I warned via are kidding yourself.>>>
A little paranoid?

Have you any idea how uncomfortable this place is?
You criticized the hell out of him but failed to explain his errors. If you are so certain of yourself... use this knowledge constructively.

"You are not alone" holds new meaning for me now.
Yes, i know exactly what i'm saying.

Whole departments monoitor forums.

fra_nothing and his buddies with such pearlers as..."Warriors Of God" thread where it was made known "we" were not proactive enough and it was made plain that "direct action" was required against the Illuminati/Government etc...

I tell ya right like this when forums are being harrassed and moderators having pressure put on them to stifle "anti-semetic" talk as well as forums simply "disapearing" into thin air when they are put under pressure because of certain posts mean Henry had better keep this one clean.

It wont be my foul language that is the problem here but OBVIOUSLY nutter posters who may well be here on orders as the clamps come down and someone with a modicum of success on the net (Makow) gets a serve like Chussadovsky did over on his own forum. Or worse.

When i was "visited" by the "State Security Unit" they were simply interested in if i was a "nutter". Suitably satisfied i was not they left.

I think you might want to re-read that nutters post's. If you still agree with him...well good luck to you.

If this place is'nt cleaned up i'll be leaving permenantly.

You can all enjoy you're new constructive posters.

In fact...c ya.
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