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Default Re: Hitler was rewarded for his service

It's good to know I'm not the only one out there who believes Hitler was a JEW. One of them, so to speak.

Now, that said, when I began to awake this knawed at me for quite some time.

It wasn't a realization from anything I read. It was from memory.

I passed it along to two folks whom I thought had immeasurable knowledge into all that we discuss here.

However, they were adamant that he was not a Jew. Of course, no proof!

I remember, again, as a child, not understanding why, if Hitler were a JEW, he would exterminate his own people. Why would he kill his own people? Just incomprehensible to me. The killing, of course, in and of itself, but of his "own kind."

Perhaps, not understanding the evil at that point in my life and the "powers that be" who controlled him within the "empire."

And, to a certain degree it is an EMPIRE. It is a DYNASTY. A hidden one at that dating back to ancient times of Babylon's mystery religion.

Whether NWO, Freemasons, whatever, they practice similar Pagan/Rosacrucian/Kaballah beliefs wherein their worship is of Satan, Lucifer, the Devil.

It all fits under one umbrella.
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