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Default Re: Christianity

You brought up a point that I want all to consider.

Who do think is the meek of the earth? Who is the most despised, trashed, forgotten, poor, used, group of people on earth?
Well just think of the obvious those in the third world those in first or second world that are weak or on welfare. They are clearly meek they are also extremely discrminated against groups in our winner takes all market driven world system as one or two poster have proved to me here with their own callous and self centred attitudes!.

And getting through the eye of the needle. As a point of discussion; how do we do that? Can Americans do that?
Lets just wait and see!
But listening to some posters here you would think it was welfare recipients and the poor that were evil not the other way round!.Clearly some people are already misguided and sucked in by the market liberal dogma. Obviously their own cushy lifstyles are not worth sacrificing even when they are probly surplus to sustainable requirements of us all! :-?
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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