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Default Re: Bush: Miers Qualified to be on Top Court

If a person did a background check of Bush they would find out that he is Czech Jewish.. (pretending to be "Christian")*, If a person did a background check on Miers.. What would they find?.. Probably the same damn thing.. Only she has got the goods on him.. She knows where the bodies were buried.. She is the one who handed him the unredacted words about pre 911 intelligence report he got at Crawford. She has the power. If on the court, to keep him out of war crimes tribunals, and being drug the streets and hung from a lamppost, by a very angry public.

It's almost like blackmail.

* Like Kerry, Albright, the Clintons, Lyndon Johnson, and other traitors in our collective history... Pretending that they don't know they are Jewish (Kinda.. Except they have no Semite blood in their veins and hate the Torah)... And at the same time taking their orders from Tel Aviv.

Enemies from within have destroyed America and the Constitution.
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