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Default Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?

well I'll weigh in on this ...

while i respect other opinions , i will affirm my belief that the bible is the word of God . everyone has an equal right to his opinion , but everyone's opinion is not equally right .

i'm for truth . been lied to enough already . it is evident that what appears true on the suface of things is seldom true when one digs a little deeper .(many still say this is a free country)our world view is based on what we believe to be true .the bible tells us what is true . period . our life experience may say otherwise but then , as in many things , our experience , being limited , can give us false impressions . we have all experienced this or we would not be in this forum discussing the mess we're in .we used to see the world differently than we do now . now we are better informed . we know more of the truth .

the truth is that God is the author of all goodness : love , peace , gentleness . and he had to do something to rescue us from this present evil world . being born here affects us . so he became a man , born of a woman ,lived a sinless life and suffered the penalty for our rebellion for us so he could legally restore us to our place as his children .that's who Jesus is ... God reaching to help us in our need because of his love for us . each and every one of us .

"and to as many as recieved him , to them gave he the power to become the sons of God"

that's my story and I'm stickin' to it .

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