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Default Re: Indonesia announces missile and rocket co-operation with China

Nar the labour party melted them down L1Al and L1A2, 110 000 of them.
Pricks we should confiscated their political pork barrel and buy 500 000 AKs or something similar and create citizens militas.
Its the only way we are going to hold off any indon/chinese invasion.
I bet old captain america wont even bat an eyelid if we got the chop.
Exports to China are far more lucrative than exports to Oz, and we are a competitor against them for food steel exports and many others.
America always does whats good for America and no-one else, it is naieve of us to think they would come running to our aid.
Infact if we are one day fighting for our freedom the most likely aggressors would be Americans.
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