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Default Describe the world YOU would create?

I frequently during the day or night find myself letting my mind off its leash (it doesnt like being controlled for too long) and I usually find it after a short period of time in some fantasy dream state digging holes in the next door neighbors reality.

I often have vivid ideas about how the world would be if I suddenly became great dictator by some quirk.
An ideal world i consciously seek to create for myself and by default everyone else with every small step I achieve.
A world full of freedom and beauty, abundance of energy and lifeforms, high technology coexisting in the midst of nature, nakid hot chicks everywhere and beer that doesnt give you a headache etc etc.

Ideas, wild utopian concepts and dreams are the foundation for future reality, we create as we go.

It dawned on me that most of you would have radically different ideas on this.
Our ideas, asperations and passions are effected by our experiance and every individuals experiance is different.

So whats your story?
How would your world look?

As a longtime conspiracy kook I often notice that many of the kook community live in a fairly negative place, the nobal cause of an individual single handedly against the world etc which may or may not be justified.
I firmly belive we create our own future and that by living in fear we are actually sometimes helping the NWO create their negative reality.
We need to put forward positive viable wildly creative alternatives and then get off our arses and do it.
I want to know what we are going to create?
My version sounds good to me but what about you, are there common concepts that we can all work towards now?

Awesome I cant wait to hear what you guys are going to come up with.

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