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Default Re: An Open Declaration of Full Aeonic Christian Warfare

The Illuminist and Freemason, falsely so-called, is Gog, by translation 'the Roof'. For the Illuminist and Freemason is Satan himself. And he is Prince of the Power of Aethyr.

And these of Magog, those belonging to the Roof:

Woe to the Thelemite!

Woe to the Satanist!

Woe to the Wiccan!

Woe to the Druid!

Woe to the Jewish Infidel!

Woe to Islam!

Woe to the Buddhaist!

Woe to the Taoist!

Woe to the false Christian!

Woe to the Atheist!

Woe to the Agnostic!

Woe, woe, woe to the Enemies of Christ!

Seven times woe to the Illuminist and Freemason! For the Lord himself rebukes thee!

We shall call you out!

You shall enact your war!

For we mock you to scorn openly!

Thy kingdom is finished!

Thy coagula is solved!


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