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Default Re: An Open Declaration of Full Aeonic Christian Warfare

If any single person has even one iota of doubt about what we are demanding, then let those doubts be forever dispelled.

We are commanding, defying, and demanding that every single living soul in this world who is not with Christ, who is against God the Father to come out in open warfare and attempt to annihilate Christianity from the face of the earth once and for all time.

No more lethargy will suffice. Before God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Spirit of the Living God; before Angels of His Power and the entire Church of the First Born the Cloud of Witnesses, We will mock you, scorn you, torment you, taunt you until you act!

We will call you out!

And you Will now come forth!

If you do not, then you are utterly put to scorn.

Shut your mouths and go home!

And end, the End comes quickly!

Put up, or shut up!

I defy every commander, leader, king or power in the entire heaven or in the earth or under the earth who is not with Christ at this very hour to make your war!
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