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Default Re: Describe the world YOU would create?

Ha cool ive got a response already.
Um Fra_Nothing i may be a bit dippy tonight but its the early hours of the morning on my side of the planet so I hope you will excuse me but im not really sure of what you are trying to say if anything?
Are you saying you would pull it all down?
If so what would you build?
Sorry im not really one for biblical quotes, I wasnt correctly brainwashed as a child or something maybe?

Already we have a case in point, ahmed has pointed out some of the things he would like and already there is contention, not that thats the point or anything.
I just wanted to hear what you honestly would do if you had the power to, what would you create?
Im not realy interested in hearing critisism of each others points or dreams, we each have them for a reason.
Just as a point of interest Ahmed just one thing you brought up that has drawn comment already and just as an example of differing opinion "devils advocate and all" is the multiculturalism thing, many see this as a plan by elites to diminish identity and therefor restance.
Just a thought, but I have travelled the world for a few years and the best thing about it for me was all the diversity I encountered.
Different races, colors belifes etc.
I never knew there were so many different types of beautiful women in the world.
I would think it a great shame if we converged into a homoginised brown race of little vaiation, with a common McDonalds style international belife system but thats just me, I find diversity and differences interesting and a good thing.
I think it would be a very boring world if it were otherwise.
Thank you for your comments, very interesting im guessing you are a fairly religiouse person and its good to see how your ideals differ from others.
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