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Default Re: An Open Declaration of Full Aeonic Christian Warfare

Bouncer wrote:
Um, excuse me, but aren't we supposed to pray for and love our enemies? The true victory of God over the evil in the world is his divine love, not some maudlin call to violence which is inflammatory in nature and runs the risk of polarizing the audience against the very hope which can save them.
Shame on you, fra_nothing.
We will call you out at this very hour!

No more games. No more talk. No more time.

You will will do what is in your heart. If you reject Christ, if you are not 100% for Christ, if you are an enemy of Christ, we openly defy you.

You are no power.

Your Magick is straw to us.

You have no future.

You have no hope.

We pray for those of Christ!

Fools! Did you not know that Christ prayed for his own and NOT the world!

We call you out!

We stand against you!

We will not serve you!

We will destroy you both in Theory and in Practice!

You are nothing!

Your threats are pure laughter to us!

Make your war ye cowards!

If you do not, then all infernal power in heaven and earth and under the earth is mocked by just one Pauper Christian!

We stamp you down where you stand!

Come ye powers!

Show us thy power!

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