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Default a religious free thread...can it be done? Democracy and freedom.

(Please read this post from beginning to end, before posting, as by posting any religious dogma you will highlighting yourself as a distruptor.)

With all due respect, I would cordially request any and all posters to this one specific thread, to please refrain from any and all references to religion. I don't want to be skipping over various religious definitions... while trying to discuss the matter at hand.

This is a social experiment. The question I postulate is whether people who are deeply founded within their various faiths can intelligently discuss a topic without religion entering into the conversation. Can it be done?

Please, please respect the wishes and intentions of this thread and type specifically regarding the subject nature, of the thread.

Any people who set out to specifically go against the nature of this thread will become completely obvious to all posters and admin.

An interesting subject, that would naturally involve God, where God could not be mentioned. God knows why I am doing this. Two topics for discussion.

1.a)Why did the Ukranians get a new election? What is their culture? What did they do to make that happen and why has this not been done in North America?

b) Are there any countries who have successfuly ousted or denied entrance to these NWO types? What countries are these and what did they do? What are their cultures?

If posters cannot appreciate the validity of this experiment, I would respectfully request that you start your own post, about this post. There, you may express any and all religious zeal. Please, not here, not for now - this is a real experiment.


All posters, please agree to ignore any posts of disruption.

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