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Default Re: The Truth About Jesus


it is obvious and admirable that you believe what you believe so strongly as to depart from the vast majority of those who believe in quran . that takes guts . and you are obviously a very intelligent man ,no doubt multi-lingual and your posts are well-expressed . but you , like the rest of us , are on a journey through life . you have certain information imparted to you while a child .as you grow older ,you aquire new information and begin to consider how ,or if, it all fits consistently and neatly together .then you begin to question things and as more new information comes(thank God for the internet!)you reject some things as you try to make sense of the world you were born into . we're really all in the same situation ,it's just that some of us started out with different information and thus, are at a different place in our journey . when you come to the point of saying "ok now i have the truth on this" you are in danger of running off the road into a ditch . you are still on your journey, you haven't reached a destination yet .

i commend you on seeing ,identifying and rejecting the errors of islam . it shows independence of thought . simply consider the possibility that there is more truth that you have not yet discovered . you may not have the truth about jesus , but my bet is if you keep your eyes open on your journey ,eventually you will .
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