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Default Re: Your thoughts on evolution?

Bouncer wrote:
Well, my Egyptian is a little rusty, but there's got to be a story about Pharao's army getting a nasty surprise? No?
Otherwise, I guess ya just had to be there.
The Egyptians have no record of ever having kept 2,000,000 Hebrew slaves, nor do they have any record of a prince named Moses ever having been born, nor do they have any record of 2,000,000 Hebrew slaves making a sudden exodus from Egypt.

This is significant, since if you're talking about the ancient Egyptians, you're talking about a people who built the Pyramids (<- which are still standing today, more than you can say for the "Temple" in Jerusalem), who did brain surgery and who knew that Sirius had a small white dwarf orbiting it (<- something we didn't "discover" until the 1920s or so).. and yes, the Egyptians kept rather precise records.

Kinda makes you wonder who to believe, doesn't it??..

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