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Default Re: Your thoughts on evolution?

Sure, based on extant and KNOWN records, it seems awfully flimsy.
But then, I have to wonder who is in control of which records reach the public and which ones are tucked away in a wooden crate in Washington somewhere.
Also, the temple's destruction was by divine will and was prophesied by many, including Jesus himself, with the approximate era included. I don't think God really cares much whether the pyramids stick around or not. Besides, the great pyramid is a big mechanical PA system. This is one of the "silent voice" techniques used today, and is based on this mystery of the pyramid (which is, incidentally, also known by the Masons). I.e., the voice is modulated with the resonant frequency of the ground on which we live, and the voice literally vibrates everywhere, as though the earth itself were speaking to us. It is a low, masculine voice that seems to feel like the bass is turned up too high on the stereo.
Perhaps you've heard it?
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