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Default Re: Analyzing Liber AL vel Legis

Insider wrote:
We're already out you idiot. Sing us a new song.
I defy the Illuminati before all heaven and earth!

Attack the Christian without pity or quarter!

For I swear by Him who lives forever that I shall never stop Mockery until you make your final war!


We shall call them out!

They shall obey Us!

For the Illuminati is Naught, and their threats are straw for burning!

Come forth!

Come forth!

Come forth!

For we drain your bloodlines of all virtue!

Make good on this power you claim!

Take the Solution to its Finality!

Let us find out who is Gold and who is Lead!

Let us find out what is the Stone of Infinity and the Rock of Ages!

For we shall call them out!

NWO is straw fit for burning!

All power on earth is rendered null and void!

I defy the Kings of the earth before their very faces!

We shall call them out!
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