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Default Re: Who/What is The Antichrist?

I am an atheist at this point... You people sound like you are crazy.. Is this what Clubconspiracy has devolved into.. Do you really believe in Adam and Eve?.. Noah's Ark?, The whale story?, That the world is flat? That evolution is a "theory"?.. What the heck happened to reason? What happened to education, and science?.

The morbid claws of faith before reason gouge at our collective bowels.

I believe that Christianity has been subverted by a bunch of Very Mean People as exemplified by Lynn, Mul-roony, and now Fra-Nothing... I figure they are all members of the same gang.. To destroy the free interchange of ideas.

Do unto to others... The rest of the Bible is crap...Because it is not in the spirit of Christ.

I would like to be a "believer" again, but the group representing Christ is obnoxious, repulsive, and murderous in nature.

As you have seen in the above mentioned posters attitude.
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