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Default Re: Who/What is The Antichrist?

lynns_shadow wrote:
An "impenetrable" mind is not as important to God as an open heart.

While that may fly on say '', or in Britian, BlueAngel, some do have a definite understanding about him, the AntiChrist.

The quote you shared though, makes it clear above that, ultimately, real and abiding faith on Christ alone will be the only deliverance from these world systems. And, worldwide we are already seeing much more persection of Christians, in various forms. Just one more sign..

Basically, the AntiChrist, he is all that is not Christ and against Christ and His children. His spirit all that is anti Christ.

You will get your best answers from a legitimate Bible, say a King James..

Here is a website that may be of you. Hope it helps
My reply about an inpenetrable mind was regarding "lighting" demons who rape your mind as described by Bouncer.

Not to say, I accept this phenomena.

Read the first poem I wrote on the I'm just lounging thread about "closed hearts."

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