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Default Re: Describe the world YOU would create?

fra_nothing wrote:
We are Ekklesia Xristou. We are the Church founded upon bedrock. The bars of hell cannot hold us back.

We are Those Called out of This World. And what the Darkness does not know is that when We are ready to leave, their Former World will be gone.

We are Called Out. And when we Will to leave this world, there shall be Naught that remains but the 'eternal kisses of Nuit'. These are more 'rapid and laughterful than Hell's own worm'.

We are the Elect. We are Chosen as Heirs of All. Come forth ye cowardly Kings of the Dust! For you are being summoned to War by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ!

And you WILL come forth! For we shall call you out of your own world!
So I take it that you do not like my world. You copy the Bible a book I am well versed in. I have had some discussions about this world and all goes as it should. The human race has made every decision that has produced the current world with only minimal help from me.
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