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Default Re: Mel Gibson is one of us !

I think Mel is one of us but I do accept that he may of made mistakes in promoting the wrong agenda and is still influenced by the NWO.

Here are some other links that I posted over here:

Two Alex Jones interviews with Hutton Gibson (Mels father):

Another piece:

A like to the above transcript:

I'm not sure why Hollywood would grant him success- it could be some combination that he conned them and just slipped in undetected- I think they aren't too worried to feel the need to do background checks on everyone-- so long as they have control on what people do they are happy. Mel is just an odd case (like Alex Jones)- where someone who worked hard, made some commercial success was able to see what really happened.

Of course- with knowing all this we can see why it was difficult for Mel to get a distributor for the movie, the media spin said it was "too controversial"-- yeah, it was controversial for the Illuminati.
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