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Default Re: Mel Gibson is one of us !

freeman wrote:
Don't get me wrong. I certainly hope this is true.
The part I don't understand is how Hollywood would let him enjoy such commercial success with a vehicle like this film.
Although I do acknowledge that his personal career seems to have pretty much stagnated since the release of this movie, almost as if he is being ostracized. Then again, that is often common for actors in his age bracket.

Remember the movie was heavily edited by the NWO

Jewish branch ... the scene KEY to understanding

the NWO about Jesus using violence to express

the evils of the moneychangers was removed ...

and Mel used $20+ million of his own money to

make the film ... have you noticed in the news

that Mel is now being hounded by a crazy nut

and even showed up at Mel's church ? ... think

CIA MK Ultra.
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